A man who disliked exercise loses 26.4 pounds by using ChatGPT

Greg Mushen, who loathed everything related to fitness and bodybuilding, adopts a novel approach to fitness by enlisting the assistance of an eccentric fitness coach. Who is this mentor?

A notorious AI utility known as ChatGPT. Greg sits at his computer and converses with an AI tool one day, and imagine what? He loses 26.4555 pounds in three months!.

How did he go about this journey? How did an artificial tool help a man lose weight? Let’s find out!

As he explained to Business Insider, Mushen has experienced significant improvements in his body and energy levels, and he is also learning cardiovascular fitness techniques.

The chatbot also suggested practises that align with the opinions of industry experts.

Mushen also admitted to being confused by the step-by-step procedure, as the fitness regimen began very slowly. "I found it odd that the steps were so small," he said. It was the antithesis of how I would have done it instinctively, given my personality.

Greg acknowledged that even though the chatbot is useful, this does not negate the need for expert counsel. He expressed his appreciation by saying, "Now I want it" after achieving tremendous success with ChatGPT.