How Fitness Trainers Can Create Personalised Workout Plans Using ChatGPT

ChatGPT has numerous applications for professionals in various disciplines, including the fitness industry.

Creating personalised exercise programmes is a prevalent application of ChatGPT in fitness. This allows fitness trainers with numerous clients to streamline programme planning and devote more time to other crucial aspects of their jobs. Continue reading to discover how to use ChatGPT to streamline your fitness trainer workflow.

Input Client’s Current Fitness Levels and Goals

ChatGPT is a fantastic method to create a customised workout regimen for a client if you clarify precisely what their goals are. Individuals’ training intensities may vary based on their gender, age, size, and objectives. Consequently, you must be specific.

In the image below, ChatGPT has designed an exercise for a 25-year-old who wishes to gain muscle mass rapidly.
A good starting point is simply inputting the client’s objectives and current fitness levels while asking ChatGPT to generate a workout plan. You can then use additional prompts and measures to develop a more comprehensive workout plan.

Incorporate Preferences
Now, you can request ChatGPT to evaluate any additional client preferences. Does the consumer prefer to exercise at home or in a gym? Based on their schedule, how much time can they commit to training? Do they favour group exercise programmes or training alone?

You can also provide the AI with information regarding additional forms of exercise that your client desires to engage in, in addition to the predominant form in the plan. For example, the client may be an avid golfer who plays the sport multiple times per week while also attempting to acquire muscle mass in the gym.

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By taking into account all of these factors, you can construct prompts to guide ChatGPT in generating a more customised workout schedule.

Use an Extended Prompt

Long queries allow ChatGPT to prescribe a course of action without breaking down the intricacies into separate commands. You can input all of the client’s information, including their fitness objectives, fitness levels, and training preferences, and ChatGPT will generate a detailed workout plan.

Here’s an illustration of a lengthy prompt:

“Madi is a 16-year-old high school football player who wishes to enhance her athletic performance. In addition, she desires to integrate muscle-building exercises because being large is advantageous for her sport. Nonetheless, she only has a barbell and some plates. Prepare a three-day-per-week exercise regimen with an emphasis on muscle-building.”

Long prompts are ideal if you have a large number of clients with diverse fitness specialisations and objectives. They save you time because you only need to collect the client’s unique information and send it to ChatGPT in complete sentences. Long ChatGPT prompts can help you avoid the error of not providing context, one of the ChatGPT prompt blunders caused by not providing context.

Review the Exercise Programme

Your knowledge as a fitness trainer comes in handy here. You should not rely solely on AI for health or fitness advice, so you must examine ChatGPT’s plan and modify it based on your knowledge of your clients’ requirements.

In some instances, despite numerous prompts, the client’s objectives are not specific enough, and you don’t discover this until you see the workout plan. As a fitness professional, you can now include previously omitted essential details and tailor the workout plan to the client’s objectives.

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It is also practical to modify the exercise schedule based on rest and recuperation. If you previously specified that the client should train three times per week, ChatGPT may include leisure days that do not correspond with their schedule.

For optimal fitness, it may be necessary to modify the plan based on the client’s schedule, as leisure days must be properly planned. You may instruct ChatGPT to reschedule the leisure days or manually reschedule them while adhering to the AI’s exercise recommendations.

Modify the Strategy to Allow for Progress
You must periodically revisit the plan and make adjustments to accommodate your client’s growth. You can instruct ChatGPT to modify the exercise plan it has generated based on what you’ve observed from your client’s training reports or from observing their training.

Boost Exercise Intensity
If your client is becoming accustomed to the intensity of the current regimens, you can copy and paste the previous workout plan into ChatGPT and instruct the AI to generate a more challenging version. Then, ChatGPT will provide you with an entirely new routine, either by increasing the number of repetitions and sets or by substituting more tough exercises.
For instance, ChatGPT has intensified the 25-year-old man’s at-home workout routine. You can see from the image below that conventional push-ups have been supplanted with plyometric push-ups. And instead of planks, shoulder strikes have been prescribed.

Add Other Types of Instruction
Your client may require alternative forms of training and exercise due to changes in muscle endurance and general lifestyle over time. For instance, if they now have access to gym equipment once per week due to their busy schedule, you can modify their home workout plan to include one gym day per week.

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Depending on your client’s current requirements and preferences, you can also request that ChatGPT include cardio, conditioning, CrossFit, or mobility exercises in a workout plan for a comprehensive approach to fitness.

Changing the Exercises
You can also instruct ChatGPT to vary exercises to prevent monotony and maintain your client’s motivation. While this is comparable to increasing the intensity of an exercise, it is completely distinct because it only entails constructing alternative exercises.

This initiative can be utilised during lulls in your client’s consistency, as it adds variety and makes their workouts more engaging. You can continue experimenting with ChatGPT’s workout and exercise suggestions until you discover something you enjoy.

Remember to Let Your Competence Shine
ChatGPT is an excellent tool for any task, including the creation of excellent exercises. However, it cannot absolutely supplant your fitness professional expertise. Creating a personalised workout regimen is more complex than ChatGPT can manage. Even if you attempt to elucidate the context in your prompt, the AI may not always comprehend the situation adequately.

In some instances, it may be simpler to repair or add something yourself than to instruct ChatGPT. In any case, exhaustively examine the AI’s suggestions and eliminate those that do not accord with your client’s objectives.